Tito Ortiz Sucks – worse than any other champion

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
Tito OrtizBy Brad Walker, Senior Columnist
Listen, I know people (I see you Griffin) think Tito Ortiz is/was or could have been an elite fighter but simply stated – the dude sucks, sucked and will suck. I have taken some time out of my day of not giving a shit about TitoOrtiz to draw some comparisons about why this man sucked, sucks and will suck. He’s the opposite of Bret Hart; he’s the worst there is, was or ever will be. What the Undertaker is to Wrestlemania is the opposite of what Tito Ortiz was to holding a belt. Anyone should know this, and here’s why.

First of all Tito won the belt from Frank Shamrock who is a natural middleweight and mediocre at that – how would you feel if Jon Jones beat the dog shit out of Alan Belcher? Unimpressed? Me too. So that’s how that went, next up was Wanderlei Silva who had not yet evolved as a fighter to add wrestling, so that win is basically a useless turd on his record. How about his second defense? Remember the name Yuki Kondo? Me neither.
Kondo was 29-9 going into the fight that was basically set up to lure in Japanese fans – Kondo has lost to all the biggest names in MMA; he’s a jobber to the stars – next! Tito then defended his belt against Evan Tanner (natural middleweight), Elvis Sinosic (sucked) and Vladimir Matyushenko (DURRRR). Wow what a strong level of competition! Borat would be greatly pleased with this …. NOOTTTTT. (if you got it +10 points)
After that Tito beat up Ken Shamrock … that’s like Jon Jones beating the tar out of Royce Gracie or Tank Abbott – a one skill fighter getting schooled by a guy who evolved with the sport. I know you’re all seeing a trend here, and aside from Ortiz’s fluke win over Ryan Bader he’s never really defeated an elite evolved fighter. Can you imagine what would happen to Tito if he fought Glover Teixeira or Jon Jones? Hell even some of today’s middleweights would murder him.
In conclusion, please don’t herald Tito Ortiz as a legend; sure he was a star because he drew money but man was he lame as hell to watch. My only fond memories of Tito are of him losing – that shit really makes my day – Ortiz loses? I’ll drink to that, first rounds on Dana White. If he ever actually fights in Bellator I will be betting profusely against him and his weak style regardless of the opponent. You can call that a guarantee.
I will finish this one by saying; at least Mayhem Miller never had him on Bully Beat Down, or he’d have been the first fighter to get beat up by some average off the street punk.
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