WTF??? Rob Emerson blames Ian McCall — “indirectly” — for Shane Del Rosario’s death

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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ian-mccallHoly shit. Former TUF competitor Rob Emerson just dropped a bomb. Emerson recently spoke about his beef with McCall and the topic turned to the late Shane Del Rosario. Emerson seems to implicate McCall in Del Rosario’s death, “indirectly” at least. He didn’t go into too many details, but the bomb has been dropped nonetheless.

“Me and Ian have been going back with our stuff for a long time, and he knows I don’t like him. He knows not to be anywhere if I see him, he knows to leave the area. I don’t know, it’s a very personal thing I have against him. I hold him responsible for a lot of the stuff that happened with Shane, indirectly … and he knows it. I tried calling Colin and setting up that fight, I told him ‘What do I have to do to have Ian to come up to 135 and fight me.’ I know he fought ’34, I’ll go down to 135, and that was also a big motivation factor in cutting this weight. But, that kid won’t fight me. I’ll end his career if I fought him, and if I didn’t not just beat him, but end his career, I would retire. I have a deep-seated passion, highly dislike for that kid. Like I said, Shane was my best friend, we were all friends, and there’s a lot of facts and stuff that I’m not going to bring up, but I hold him indirectly responsible for what happened to Shane.”

In case you needed a reminder, McCall blatantly accused his former friend Emerson of “fucking my wife” several months ago. He said he caught him red-handed. How that escalated into the subject of Shane Del Rosario’s death, I have no clue. But things are getting cray around here.


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