Fans of title ‘pecking order,’ prepare to be outraged–Carano will get an immediate shot at Ronda if she returns

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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gina_caranoAll this Gina Carano talk is getting serious. I’ve been strongly voicing my opinion that the former Strikeforce champ is just going through the motions and has zero real interest in returning to fighting. The longer this goes, the more that opinion is making me look like an idiot. I’m not prepared to reverse my thoughts on this yet, but there are a lot of things that add up to Gina’s return being more possible than I imagined.

Now both Dana White and champ Ronda Rousey are telling the world that not only would Gina get a fight with Ronda, but it would be an immediate title shot. That’s the sticking point for many fans. Does she deserve a title shot after taking the last 5 years off from the sport? Not sure. Does Chuck Liddell deserve a shot a Jon Jones right now? Does Fedor deserve a shot at Cain Velasquez right now?

Here’s the key argument for an immediate shot…and it was made by Rousey. “I don’t think it would make sense for her to come back and fight somebody else and take the risk of maybe losing and not being able to capitalize on the fight between me and her. I think it would make more sense to go straight to a title fight.”

Exactly. The odds of Carano losing a return fight against a mid-level fighter on the roster—say a top 10 fighter, but not top 5—are actually fairly high. I’ve stated before that I doubted she could have won TUF. That might be giving too little credit to one of the pioneers of the sport, but I still believe it. The UFC isn’t going to take that chance. Why pay her huge money to lure her away from Hollywood just to watch her lose to Amanda Nunes? It ruins everything for them—namely their investment.

So for all the fans who are outraged by the thought of someone jumping the line to get a crack at Rousey, buckle up. I’m still very skeptical that Carano would agree to return at all, but everyday it seems slightly more possible. If she does, she’s going to catapult from the sidelines to the headlines (I think I just made that up…catchy huh?) and get a shot at the champ immediately.

For the record, if that fight happens, Ronda will destroy her in no time. Five years off is way too long. It might a Matt Hughes/Royce Gracie beatdown between a current champ and a legend.

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