Bullshit Alert!!! Shlemenko “calls out” Tito Ortiz in what appears to be a staged video

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

titoMy bullshit detector is tingling yet again. Yesterday Tito Ortiz tweeted that he was finally cleared to fight. The fact that Tito says he’s ready to fight is hardly news—actually getting into a cage, however is a totally different story. But shortly after that announcement, Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko decided to call out Ortiz. Coincidence? Umm, I doubt it.

So one minute Tito says he wants to fight. The next, Shlemenko calls him out on video. In the video, he challenges Tito—in broken English, sounding like Ivan Drago—to a scrap on May 17th. I’m not saying he was reading from cue cards—wait…yes I am. I bet Bjorn Rebney is holding the cards with one hand, and holding a gun to Shlemennko’s head with the other.

Obviously Tito claims to want the fight in one of the most contrived set-ups in MMA history. I wonder if Bellator will stage a scenario where Shlemenko kidnaps Tito’s children on live TV with cameras zooming in on Ortiz’s reaction (he is an actor you know); you know, for dramatic effect.

So I guess I’m supposed to be interested in a fight where whoever wins, Bellator loses. Either their biggest star loses to a guy who weighs 20 pounds less than him; or their dominant world champ who’s gone 18-1 in the last 5 years loses to a has-been who has 1 win in his last 9 fights. Nice move Bellator. Will this headline your next event?

  1. […] before the fight, I argued that this matchup was no win pairing. If Shlemenko wins, it makes your most recognizable “star” […]

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