Ringside doctor doesn’t even look at fighter who collapsed between rounds at RFA

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

RFA-logoMatt Manzanares defeated Junior Maranhao Friday night at RFA 14. Manzanares captured RFA’s Flyweight title in the process. But almost overshadowing the biog win for Manzanares was what occurred between the 4th and 5th rounds. Maranhao was sitting on his stool after the 4th round, which saw him tapped in a triangle choke for over 30 seconds to end the round, and he lost consciousness and fell off his stool.

Maranhao did a face plant on the canvas until he was helped back up. To the outrage of announcers Pat Miletich and Michael Schiavello, the doctor approached the corner and didn’t even inspect the fighter. Instead he seemed to be asking the cornermen a few questions, and he left immediately. He didn’t even look a t Maranhao.

Miletich pointed out the obvious when he said, “this is how bad things happen.” That’s just a brutal reaction by the doctor. He saw the man fall unconscious and lay on the mat. He walked over to the fighter, and didn’t even look at him. I can’t understand the reason for a ringside doctor if he’s not going to inspect the fighter in that instance. That’s why he’s there right? Just brutal.

I also hold Maranhao’s corner responsible for not protecting their fighter. We saw a similar situation at MFC a while back when Ryan McGillivray was allowed to continue despite appearing completely out of it. Ryan spoke with us and explained that it isn’t his corner’s job to determine whether he’s able to continue or not; it’s the doctor’s. Still, I think Maranhao’s corner needs to step in at that point.

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