Dana White: “Jon Jones is the best ever”

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

jonesvillainOur last “Around the Horn” posed the simple enough question…who’s the greatest light heavyweight fighter of all time? A couple of us picked current champion Jon Jones; another said Chuck Liddell; and yet another knucklehead even tossed Tito Ortiz’s cracked skull into the convo. We should have asked Dana White—the world’s smartest man—to chime in.

White did just that in a recent media session. He discussed Jones’ run and not surprisingly compared it quite favorably to anything else we’ve even seen in the weight class. When one reporter asked White straight up if Jones was better than Ortiz historically, he didn’t stop there (and he didn’t pass up the chance to bash the thorn in his side).

“[Jones] is the most accomplished. Never mind Tito Ortiz, let’s talk about Chuck Liddell, somebody who could actually really fight. What Jon Jones has accomplished is greater than any other light heavyweight ever.”

It’s definitely hard to disagree with that statement. Although he’s a cheap ass, he’s successfully defeated the last five still-active world champions in that division—and he’s done so with relative ease. White continued: “Jones has had the toughest run of guys in the UFC. To get to the belt and to defend the belt, Jones has had to go through hell.” Historically, there’s no question about that.

So for our next “Around the Horn,” maybe Dana would like to join us again as we discuss something pressing, like Who would win…Tim Sylvia or Bruce Lee?


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