Jon Jones backpedaling over homophobic comments to fan — says his phone was jacked

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

jonestieJon Jones and his team are trying to distance themselves from some homophobic comments that came from Jones’ Instagram account yesterday. They are currently claiming that his phone was lost/stolen and that whoever has it, made the comments. There are some holes in that story however.

The story begins with a tweet sent by Jones saying he has “three times the heart” of Alexander Gustafsson. A fan challenged Jones by tweeting the following…

The fan who made that tweet is apparently 17 years old and claims Jones then found him on Instagram and made several homophobic slurs, calling him a “fag”–five times he says. The tweeter then hit Twitter even harder, calling out Jones’ statements to many people in the media, including TMZ.

That’s when Malki Kawa, Jones’ manager came out to state that Jones was hacked and that it wasn’t him. That seemed to cool everyone down a bit. BUT…it seems Jones posted a selfie on Instagram 2 hours AFTER he said his phone was lost. If his phone was gone and hacked, how did he post that selfie? Interestingly, Kawa deleted one of the tweets he made about Jones’ account being hacked.

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