Joe Rogan teaches us that a “fuck load” equals 5 million

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

gsp_Remember last fall when Dana White told us that someone made $5 million for a single fight? He decided to play coy and not tell us who that fighter was, but we could guess. It had to be Brock Lesnar or Georges St-Pierre right? Well, Joe Rogan—the guy who can’t keep a secret—spilled the beans.

Rogan said it was in fact GSP who was banking around $5 million a fight. Not a surprise at all. Like I said, it had to be either him or Brock. “Georges St-Pierre was making $5 million a fight,” Rogan said on his podcast. He’s making a lot of fucking money. He’s got sponsors, Gatorade, all this other stuff. Other revenue coming in. Georges St-Pierre made a fuck load of money fighting.”

I looked up “fuck load” just to see where Rogan was coming from and, yes…a fuck load is indeed equivalent to 5 million on the metric scale. I just hope the Diaz brothers are reading this figure so they can go ballistic again.


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