Marlon Wayans is still horrible; wants Ronda Rousey to arm-bar his (tiny) penis

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

white_chicksBased on Marlon Wayan’s track record of brutally unfunny movies, you’d have to include him in the mix of LEAST talented “comedians,” right up there with Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia and Carrot Top. All I need to do is recite these shitty flicks that NO ONE should have ever watched—Haunted House 2 (as if there needed to be a sequel), Marmaduke, Norbit, White Chicks and the terrible Scary Movie duo.

The dude just sucks. He’s so bad, he makes Judy Tenuta look like Dave Chappelle. He makes Elayne Boosler look like Chris Rock. Why is he famous? I have no fucking clue. Honestly, I don’t even hate the guy—in fact I never even think of him unless I’m wondering in amazement why he’s on my TV—I just think he has no talent.

Anyway, this waste of space appeared on Conan last week to promote some new piece of shit formula piece that will surely insult viewers’ intelligence and steal 9 bucks form their pockets. Conan then asked Wayans about a tweet he sent a while back about sniffing Ronda Rousey’s sweaty foot wraps.

He admitted to having a crush on Rousey and then told a “joke” that started out poorly and only got worse. “I got a fantasy. I want to wrestle around with her—she makes people tap out in like 3 minutes…I want her to grab my penis and just grab it and pull it back until I tap out.”

After some forced, fake laughter, Conan stepped on Wayans stupid story and salvaged the joke by dropping the punch line, “you won’t have to tap out; she’ll know when you’re done.”

That was literally the only funny thing said in that segment.

I shouldn’t be so hard on Wayans. He’s far from the only unfunny comedian in Hollywood—have you seen Robin Williams act lately??? If not, let me give you a hint…he’s still doing the same Cold War-inspired Russian accents he was doing in the early 80s.

  1. ToddFlanders_82 says:

    He was pretty funny in ‘Requiem For A Dream’.

  2. […] sounds like one of Marlon Wayans’ terrible penis jokes where he starts to say something, but then quickly realizes he has no idea […]

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