Chuck Liddell rips Jon Jones for UFC 151 cancellation

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

chuck-liddellFormer champion and UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell is known as a guy who doesn’t back down from a fight. That’s why the topic of UFC 151—UFC’s first cancelled event—is still a bitter one for “The Iceman.”

“I would have done anything just to keep the fight,” Liddell said. “I’ll fight anybody. I’ve already done all the training and I’ve already gotten ready for it. I’m in great shape and I’m the best light heavyweight in the world, I shouldn’t be afraid to fight anybody.”

Of course that’s not what the reigning champion Jon Jones did. When Dan Henderson was forced to pull out of the fight due to injury, Jones chose not to accept the fight with Chael Sonnen, and history was made when the event was cancelled. Liddell said that he’s not the only one who was turned off by that move.

“I think pulling out of that fight really hurt him with the fans,” he continued. “That was, you’re fighting a guy coming up from a weight class down, who, when you’re given a chance, I heard an excuse about him being a southpaw, I mean, c’mon, you fought a [lefty] the fight before. And it’s not like Chael is a slick southpaw, a slick striker. He’s a brawler with the stance because he shoots that way. Pulling out of that probably hurt him with the fans. I mean, it’s just I think some of the stuff he says they don’t agree with. You can’t have everything.”

Now that Liddell is retired, his teammate/protégé has a chance to defeat Jones. Glover Teixeira will face Jones this weekend at UFC 172.


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