UFC Stat of the Day…Total Strikes Landed

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

bjpennSince my fantasy baseball team has started off like shit—thanks a lot, Kershaw—let me get my stats fix somewhere else. Here’s something I ran across that was interesting. The active UFC leaders in total strikes landed.

It probably goes without saying that a cumulative stat like this requires a lot of octagon time. It’s more activity than brute power. Most of the guys on this list are the ones who are active strikers, more than knockout artists. Still, some are surprising.

  1. BJ Penn 1676
  2. Chael Sonnen 1467
  3. Nate Diaz 1377
  4. Michael Bisping 1311
  5. Frankie Edgar 1268
  6. Cain Velasquez 1257
  7. Dennis Siver 1242
  8. Sam Stout 1182
  9. Nik Lentz 1160
  10. Clay Guida 1109

As mentioned, most of these guys are known as active strikers, as opposed to big punchers. It would be hard for a fighter to accumulate enough strikes if every time he punched someone, they went down. That’s why you see Bisping, Edgar, Diaz and the like.

But one guy stands out as different. More than half (7) of Velasquez’s 12 fights have ended in the first round. He’s the exception. What does that mean? Well, probably that he punished Junior Dos Santos for so long in those two fights, that it completely skyrocketed him up this list. That’s kind of scary.

Any other surprises?



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