Former UFC title contender deported after serving 2 years for sexual abuse

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

francaFormer UFC lightweight title challenger, Hermes Franca has been in a lot of trouble the past few years. And I’m not referring to his streak of just one win in eight fights either. I’m also not referring to his horrible hair. Instead I’m talking about a little something called “Unlawful Penetration.”

Franca was released from prison after two years for pleading guilty for molesting one of his jiu jitsu students, who was under the age of 14. He was sentenced to 42 in prison, and served a little over 2 years. Although he’s out of prison early, he’s far from free. In fact, a judge just ruled that the former WEC champion has been deported back to his home country of Brazil.

As if walking around with pink, cotton candy-like hair wasn’t already enough to bring negative attention to yourself; imagine walking around with an unlawful penetration label across your forehead.

He was escorted back to Brazil last week with a federal official and will only be able to dream about the United States while staring at Ansel Adams prints.


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