Dana White: Anthony Johnson will be BANNED if he misses weight today

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

big-fat-guyAnthony “Rumble” Johnson has had a long and distressing history with the scale. I imagine him having nightmares about scales chasing after him and the only way to escape is for him to eat the locked door, which happens to be made out of bacon.

Rumble traditionally fought at 170 pounds, which was not easy. So he moved up 15 pounds to middleweight in his final UFC fight. He still missed weight…by a shitload. He weighed in at 197 pounds! After losing to Vitor Belfort in that fight, he was cut. Since then, Johnson has fought as high as heavyweight, but has settled on 205 as his prime weight class.

Even though that’s 35 pounds more than his previous UFC division, Dana White doesn’t seem to be certain he’ll make the mark today at weigh-ins. And he’s already said there will be no more chances for Rumble.

“If he doesn’t make weight this time,” White warned, “I promise you he’ll never be back in the UFC.”

For the record, Johnson has missed weight three times in the UFC—against Belfort, Yoshida and Clementi. The latter of which currently fights at 155 pounds. He also missed weight in his first fight outside the UFC when he faced David Brach at 195 pounds two years ago.


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