Remembering Don Frye’s Glorious Mustache (1965 – 2014); Rest in Peace, Old Friend

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

FryNoStachOne of the most famous mustaches in MMA history just retired from active competition. Don Frye, the 2 time UFC tournament winner, has done the equivalent of defacing the Mona Lisa. Well, if the Mona Lisa was ten times better looking and a complete badass. Either way, this picture is floating around the internet and it’s almost frightening. For reasons we may never fully understand, Frye parted ways with his beloved mustache.

Does Frye still look like he could rip Jack Bauer’s head off and stick it up his ass? Yes. Does he still have the unpredictable hair trigger of your crazy old uncle who’s still talking about his days “chasing broads” at saloons across the old west? Yes of course. Does he still floss his teeth with barbed wire? Yes! But he doesn’t have that glorious piece of manliness reaching from the tip of his nose down to his chin anymore. And we all mourn the loss. How dare you, Don Frye? How dare you?


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