UFC 172’s Biggest Losers: The Crotch Ripper Edition

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers

Davis-0256Actually, what Davis needs to do is worry about Anthony Johnson. Despite what the rankings say, I’m not convinced Davis can get past “Rumble” Saturday. Then where will he be?”

These were my closing remarks in an article last week. The article was slightly more critical of Phil Davis’s trash talk toward Jon Jones than I had been in the weeks leading up to UFC 172. Here we were just days before his fight against Anthony Johnson, and Davis was STILL talking about Jones ducking him. Now, instead of wondering why Jones won’t fight him, Mr. Wonderful is probably laying in bed weeping at the realization that he’ll NEVER get to fight for the title.

Losing to Johnson is certainly no crime. Rumble looked tremendous in the fight. But Davis goes down as our Biggest Loser at UFC 172 because of his constant talk about someone other than the guy he was supposed to fight. That’s a no-no here at the Vig.

We aren’t opposed to trash talk. In fact, we encourage it. But when you start running your mouth about how overlooked you are after your tremendous of destroying beating top 5 contenders guys like Vinny Magalhaes and Wagner Prado, you should probably expect some backlash when you get owned by a guy you obviously forgot you were fighting.

With the loss, Davis drops back into a category we probably already knew he belonged—the “guys the UFC wants you to believe are contenders but actually aren’t” category—along with Ryan Bader, Jimi Manuwa, and all the former contenders the UFC refuses to let go of. At this point, the only way he can come back into contention is to somehow fall into a big fight—last minute fill-in anyone?

Until that time, the only belt he’ll be able to put on his mantle is the VigilanteMMA Biggest Loser belt we’ll be shipping out later this week. Note to Phil: it might be 4-6 weeks till you see it. UPS Ground is too expensive for us, so we have a guy who knows a guy who can drop it off at his uncle’s house near your gym. Maybe you can swing by and pick it up.

Other losers:

Tim Boetsch. The Barbarian had the misfortune of going through the pain of an entire training camp, only to fall victim to Luke Rockhold before doing anything at all. I mean nothing. I don’t think he threw a punch, a kick, nothing. 2 minutes later, he was tapping.

Tim Elliott. I don’t have much bad to say about Elliott’s performance–he looked fine. He even went for the horrible-sounding “crotch-ripper.” He’s on our list for just one reason…the most awkward tap since James Toney.

Joseph Benavidez. Not Joe B’s fault he’s on this list. But seriously, are you fucking kidding me? Benavidez is the #2 contender in the world and can’t get on the goddamn main card? How will any fans take flyweights seriously if the UFC doesn’t? Side note: other #2 ranked contenders include JDS, Belfort, Rory Mac, and Bendo. Any chances of those guys fighting on the FS1 prelims? Please.



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