Barnett calls out Nogueira … um yeah, really Bold of you Josh!

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

barnettnogLet’s get real cynical here for a minute. Is it really a bold move to call out a guy whose body parts are almost literally falling apart before our eyes? I don’t really think so. In fact, it looks weak as hell to me. Sorry Josh Barnett, but it’s true.

The Warmaster has done the unthinkable—he’s inexplicably called out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for what would be a trilogy fight dating back to Pride in 2006. No offense to Nogueira, who’s one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, but Barnett, this is a bullshit callout.

Barnett is not just known for his mastery inside the ring and cage for nearly two decades. He’s also well known for his sometimes bizarre behavior whenever a microphone is shoved toward his face, bringing comparisons to the late Ultimate Warrior. With all the other UFC heavyweights Barnett has yet to face, challenging Nogueira is like admitting your career is over.

Big Nog has only two wins inside the octagon in the past 4 years—and honestly, those weren’t even much to brag about. He knocked out the narcoleptic Brendan Schaub in August of 2011, which is like saying you choked out Melvin Guillard. Then he submitted unranked Dave Herman—which is kinda like saying he beat Dave Herman. Not impressive.

Add to that, of Nogueira’s 5 losses in 8 career UFC fights, ALL of them have ended in devastating fashion. He either ends up unconscious on the mat, or confusedly looking at some kind of twisted, badly damaged limb dangling from his prematurely aging body.

So without sounding like I’m hating on Minotauro—I’m really not—let me turn my focus back to Barnett. Look, calling out this guy—who should retire—is a terrible move. First off, no one is really clamoring for a 3rd fight between you guys—hell, we’re pushing a full decade since you last fought. And secondly, quite frankly it makes you look weak. We haven’t heard shit from you in months; and when we finally do, you alternate between bitching about back-of-the-head elbows and calling out the UFC equivalent of Babe Ruth—not Ruth of the Yankees mind you; the washed up Boston Braves version of the slugger.

We already think you’re crazy, but please Josh.


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