Annoying loudmouth McGregor “only a talker,” not a fighter, says Aldo

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

conor-mcgregorIn the grand scheme of things, Conor McGregor is little more than a blip on the radar in terms of his fighting résumé. With just 2 wins over some pretty modest competition, I think it’s fair to say that McGregor is just one of MANY unranked, untested fighters with decent potential trying to climb the ladder. No more; no less.

So what’s he doing to help his cause? Well, he’s talking…and talking…and talking. Some of the most notorious loudmouths in the sport—Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, the Diaz brothers, and others all have something in common aside from entertaining (sometimes) windbags—they are all top fighters. That’s where McGregor falls short. Miserably short.

Recently, the bow-tie clad Irishman boasted about his upcoming fight against Cole Miller, and then went into a different stratosphere. He said, “I’m going to stop Cole. Whoever’s next. Cub [Swanson], I’ll break Cub. I’ll embarrass Chad [Mendes]. I’ll annihilate Jose [Aldo]. I’m coming to take over the division. It’s my division.”

You could call it confidence I guess. I’ll tell you one thing; it takes balls to beat Max Holloway in an unremarkable decision and then try to convince us that you’ll destroy Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo.

The champ claims he barely even knows who McGregor is. Aldo recently shot back at McGregor’s taunts. “Some fighters like to promote themselves by talking, and he’s just another one. I’m open to new challenges and I really hope he gets where he’s saying he will, so we can fight and see for sure everything he says. For now, he’s only a talker. I never watched this guy fight, man. He only fought once and thinks he’s the king. I’m waiting to see him fight again.”

McGregor will no doubt gain popularity with his sharp tongue, but in the end, nobody wants to be the loudmouth who gets his ass kicked. HashtagPhilDavis.


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