Ellenberger shrugs off Woodley’s “win” over Condit…”wouldn’t feel good” with injury-aided win

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

jake-ellenbergerThe UFC welterweight division is perhaps the most exciting and stacked weight class in the world. More importantly, it’s the one that gets me most aroused. Maybe that was a poor choice of words, but you get my point.

The division has actually seen a couple bad breaks lately—GSP’s retirement and Carlos Condit’s injury—but still it remains the most compelling weight class in the company right now. One of my favorite fighters to watch, Jake Ellenberger, will be facing another highlight artist, Robbie Lawler at UFC 173 this month in a crucial fight.

Ellenberger is looking to shake off a tough loss to Rory MacDonald in his last outing, but feels he’s on the shortlist of contenders. Another fighter on that list is Tyron Woodley. Ellenberger has an issue with Woodley’s inflated status in the division following his “win” over former interim champ Condit.

“I mean, Condit getting hurt that’s disappointing, that stuff happens, but it’s like, you can’t give a title shot to a guy who’s, you know. If I’m fighting a guy and he gets hurt in the fight; I mean I didn’t beat him. I wouldn’t feel good. Sure he got hurt, but I didn’t submit him, I didn’t knock him out. I could care less about Woodley and the fight with Rory. They’re both great guys, but I mean it’s crazy how fast you know, things change, people’s perspective change.”

Woodley will fight MacDonald at UFC 174 next month in what is believed to be a number one contender’s fight for Johny Hendricks’ title—although it hasn’t yet been officially labeled as such. The Ellenberger vs. Lawler fight may not crown the next challenger to the title, but it will go a long way in setting up the layout of the division for the rest of the year.


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