Dos Santos injury means Miocic will probably get the “Glover Teixeira treatment”

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

MMA: UFC 146-Miocic vs Del RosarioSon of a bitch! A VERY compelling and important heavyweight matchup just got scrapped. Junior Dos Santos revealed he broke his hand in training, officially delivering a collective kick to the cup-less groin of every fan out there. Now his opponent, Stipe Miocic is without a dance partner at the TUF Brazil Finale at the end of the month.

The UFC is looking into options of course, let me be a baby for a minute and scream, I WANTED THIS ONE!!! This was crucial fight for many reasons—JDS is currently #2 and Miocic is #7. Most interesting to me is that it actually pitted a well known elite fighter against a legit up-and-coming fast rising prospect. Mixing those two isn’t always in the cards in the UFC, unfortunately.

Many times the UFC will opt to keep those two groups far away from each other to protect the future star from a bad loss, thereby ruining his momentum. If you aren’t sure what I’m getting at, check out the LHW division. I was actually surprised they gave Miocic this challenge. Based on past booking, I assumed they’d do what they always do—let him fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as a sacrificial lamb, and then elevate him to instant title contender.

My view has always been that beating 3 or 4 mid level fighters does NOT equate to beating 1 elite fighter. Again, look at the LHWs. Glover Teixeira was protected, plain and simple. He beat only mid level talent since arriving in the UFC—sorry Rampage, sorry Bader, but it’s true. They could have done it with Miocic too. Beating Roy Nelson, Gabriel Gonzaga and say, Big Nog…I guarantee they would have sold him as a killer next in line for Cain. But they did the right thing and booked him against JDS in what promised to be an interesting matchup and true test for Stipe.

And now Junior broke his goddamn hand. That leaves the door open for a much lesser opponent for Miocic; and consequently, we’re back to creating a contender without beating any contenders.

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