Watch out contenders…Bethe Correia’s about to jump the line

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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4-horsewomenMixed martial artists are amazing. They are also a very sensitive bunch. I’ll stop short of collectively calling fighters “insecure” though, because I think they’d be offended (see what I did there? I’m NOT calling them insecure because they’ll get offended…that’s irony). Ronda Rousey is definitely one of those who falls into the “sensitive” category. She—along with many other fighters—tends to get offended very easily. So when Bethe Correia made a simple—yet awesome—hand gesture, it was easy to see where it was headed.

Sure enough, within hours Rousey was talking about what a good fight Correia would be for her. My guess is she was immediately blowing up Dana White’s phone begging for a chance to fight her. Obviously, booking that fight now would be ridiculous, so they booked the next best thing—Correia vs. Shayna Baszler, one of the remaining three Four Horsewomen on Correia’s list.

When I saw this, I simultaneously rolled my eyes and applauded the move. First off, I guess there’s no harm whatsoever in booking this fight. Correia, while talented, doesn’t exactly have “top contender” status as of yet—she has UFC wins over badly slumping Julie Kedzie and TUF contestant Jessamyn Duke. Likewise, Baszler is a veteran of the sport, but a poor showing on TUF means she’s near the bottom of the division’s pecking order. It makes sense.

What won’t make sense however, is what’s about to happen next. I think Correia will defeat Baszler; and then follow it up with yet another hand gesture—this time signifying that there’s 2 down, 2 to go. Ronda will go ape shit and have to be restrained…because she’s insecure sensitive, as we already said. She’ll scream at Dana until he give sin, and BOOM—Correia just leapfrogged the line of contenders.

Mark my words…this will happen. Insecurity Hand gestures for the win!!!

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