Yet another bully picking on the wrong kid (video); now who’s the C*NT?

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

I saw this video this morning on Cage Potato and had to share it. We love videos of bullies getting what they deserve and this one is both violent and beautiful. You can hear this jackass’ idiot friend goading him in the background. “Look at him. You should fuck with the faggot,” said the brilliant mind behind the camera.  The equally “cool” bully then approached the kid sitting under the tree, seemingly without provocation, and called him a “Justin Bieber-looking cunt.”

The kid was called a cunt again, and (probably) tot he surprise of the bully, he got up when provoked. Here’s a little tip for prospective bullies out there–if you press a person to fight you for no reason, and he accepts, you should probably just call it off cuz you’re about to get your ass handed to you. That tip is a freebie, but I’m going to start charging for them in the future.

When the cowardly instigator wakes up, he’s going to be reminded that the last thing he said before drifting to a state of semi-consciousness was a cocky, are you sure?”

Who’s the cunt now?


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