Dana White gives terrible explanation on Nate Diaz (and TJ Grant) being pulled from rankings–nothing on Dominick Cruz

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

DanaVIGWe reported on the case of the mysterious disappearance of Nate Diaz recently. No, Nate isn’t missing. He’s just missing from the UFC rankings. We kind of assumed it was nothing more than a message being sent from a guy who shouldn’t have anything to do with rankings—Dana White. Turns out, that’s exactly what it is.

White appeared on UFC Tonight and talked himself in circles without the least bit of concern for logic and common sense. Here’s what the grand wizard had to say.

“Everyone is talking about Nate Diaz being removed and so has T.J. Grant, for inactivity. Early on we let Dominick Cruz hold the title for as long as we did. But it’s unfair for the guys who are staying active. When you have a guy like T.J. Grant and they have an injury, that’s pretty serious so they get dropped, but when they come back, they’ll get added back. The same for Diaz — he’s not taking any fights and we’re not sure when he will. When he comes back, he’ll be ranked again.”

So he fully explained himself, right? No. This makes no sense at all. So Diaz was pulled from the rankings because of inactivity and his refusal to fight; and TJ Grant was pulled because he has an injury? Nice try Dana.

In the meantime, Dominick Cruz—as we mentioned previously—hasn’t fought in almost 4 years and STILL remains on the bantamweight rankings. Hell, he was the fucking champion for 3 of those years before they finally did something about that. For comparison sake, Grant fought last May; Diaz fought in November—just 6 months ago.

What about Anderson Silva? Doesn’t he have a major injury? He’ll be sidelined until 2015, but he remains ranked at middleweight AND on the pound for pound list. What’s the difference? Heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez will have been out for over a year dealing with his own injury. Anthony Pettis hasn’t fought since August and won’t until the end of the year. Stefan Struve—who recently announced he’d be coming back FINALLY—is ranked #12 at HW. He hasn’t seen the light of day in well over a year.

And the last line of White’s nonsense is hilarious. “When (they) come back, (they’ll) be ranked again,” referring to Grant and Diaz. So he’s randomly jerking guys off the rankings and then adding them back on? What’s the threshold? Maybe they should only rank guys who have fought in the past 30 days AND have another fight coming up within 60 days. I guess Donald Cerrone would hold every spot in every division.

Lastly, how absurd is it that the owner/president of the company is blatantly interfering with this so-called unbiased, third party ranking system in the first place? Hasn’t he just completely invalidated the already maligned system by making the “official” rankings his own fantasy draft? He might as well just be the only one ranking guys anyway; that way EVERY title fight would feature the #1 contender.

Shit, now I’ll be getting an angry text from Dana later today. That’s all I need.


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