Dana White is just like my mom now — he doesn’t use the Internet

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

DanaVIGFor all the power Dana White carries in the sport of mixed martial arts, he’s unusually sensitive at times. That’s why I find this latest quote a little hard to believe. According to White, he doesn’t read look at the internet.

I won’t get into the problems that come to mind when the leader of a huge, cutting edge company claims to not use the internet. I guess he spends a lot of time flipping through his Rolodex, sending faxes, answering his pager and retuning calls from the rotary dial phone on his stodgy mahogany desk.

But he still says it’s true, despite his numerous posts on the UG and other websites that I assume are all part of the “world wide web.” In a recent interview with MMA Sucka (with former TUF star Roxanne Modafferi by the way—shit, why doesn’t she write for us?), White shockingly said, “I literally don’t read the internet anymore. I used to go on all the time, but I’m just not into it anymore. I’ve shut myself off from that whole world.”

He cited negativity on forums and chat rooms as a key reason he bailed on the flavor of the day called the internet. He also took a minute to send a jab to all the MMA websites out there.  “All you need to is to get some money, build a website and you’re an instant journalist.”

Speaking from first-hand knowledge, let me correct him on one thing…you don’t even need money to get started.


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