This was by far the best thing from UFC Fight Night

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

chuckIf you watched UFC Fight Night Saturday night, you already know the best part of the evening. No, it wasn’t Matt Brown’s TKO of Erick Silva in an insane highlight reel laden fight of the year candidate. It wasn’t Soa Palelei making out with Keith Peterson and then serenading the crowd with a song I’ve either never heard before, or it was so bad I couldn’t recognize it. It wasn’t even a great win by one of our favorites, Neil Magny. No, it was WAAAAY more awesome than all of those.

That dude in the Chuck Liddell costume might be the best thing I’ve ever seen at a live event. How the hell did he get that costume inside the arena? Did he wear it in? That seems crazy. I’m trying to picture him driving to the arena wearing that thing.

My only wish is that this was a Fox show so “The Chuck” could finally put a stop to that ridiculous Cletus thing that no one likes, by knocking him the fuck out. But, why Why WHY couldn’t this have been the mascot for my old high school? I would have greatly preferred handing my lunch money over to this guy as opposed to that fat asshole James Birkenbacher.


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