Dana White doesn’t like “stupid shit” coming out of “Bjork’s” mouth

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

bjorkLast week Bjorn Rebney made news when he stated his support of the Culinary Union in the longtime battle with the UFC (and mixed martial arts in general), and greatly impacts the sport being banned from New York. Dana White rolled his eyes at Rebney—again—and completely questioned his role in helping further the sport of MMA.

“I see that Bjork has been saying a lot of stupid shit lately, he’s in the press. He’s screaming for attention, talking about New York and the union. What the fuck has he done to do anything in New York? What has that guy done to raise the bar in mixed martial arts whatsoever? He’s done nothing. He’s done completely zero, zilch, so good luck to him on their pay-per-view.”

I don’t know who this “Bjork” character is, but he sound like a real dick. In a way, Rebney doesn’t have time to worry himself with mattes in New York. He has plenty to worry about when you gifure he’s presenting a PPV with a headliner of Rampage Jackson vs. King Mo; and an undercard that boasts a fight between former champ Michael Chandler and a guy hardly anyone knows, and Tito Ortiz vs. a middleweight. Priorities.


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