Travis Browne sends warning to Overeem — if you’re not a team player, get the hell out of Jackson’s

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

overeembrowneAlistair Overeem’s departure from the Blackzillian camp in Florida wasn’t on the best of terms. He was labeled as selfish and unwilling to be part of the team. After he left, Overeem asked to join Greg Jackson’s camp in Albuquerque. Things are run a little differently at Jackson’s, according to one of their standouts. Heavyweight contender Travis Browne says Overeem will have only two choices—either be a good teammate, or GTFO.

Browne—who, by the way defeated Overeem in devastating fashion when he kicked the living shit out of Reem’s face—talked about the new addition to the gym and sent a very direct warning (MMA Hour).

“When he comes to Jackson’s, the stuff that all his other teammates were saying he did, is not going to fly at Jackson’s. He will not have the opportunity to even let it get that far. Does that make sense? If he says, ‘hey coach, I’m going to bring my own guys and work out at night.’ Coach Jackson will be like, ‘you can either train with the team, or you can leave.’

I feel like a lot of people, because he’s Alistair Overeem, have catered to him. I feel like Blackzilians probably catered to him, so he got used to it and he felt like he could throw his weight around a little bit. At Jackson’s, it’s not going to fly. You’re either part of the team or you’re not. If you’re not part of the team, you can get the hell out of here. We don’t need you here. We didn’t ask you to come here; you asked to come here, so you see something here that you need. So, you’re either part of the team, or leave.”

Browne of course isn’t the only high level fighter at Jackson’s. With other team members including Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, Donald Cerrone and others, Browne won’t have to be the “bad cop” when it comes to convincing Overeem to comply with the unwritten rules at Jackson’s.

It’s pretty clear. If Overeem wants to remain at his new address, he’ll have to become a team player, and not a standoffish douche.


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