God I hope this isn’t true…Rampage says Mayhem Miller making an MMA comeback

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

mayhem_millerWhile Rampage Jackson puts the final touches on his preparation for King Mo, this little tidbit almost slipped past me. I said ALMOST. In a revolting proclamation, Rampage told MMA Fighting that Jason “Mayhem” Miller helped him greatly in his training for this camp—and that Mayhem is coming back!

Mayhem Miller needs to return to the public eye like Solange Knowles needs yet another reminder that she got completely shut out of the Knowles family talent lottery. Miller is the kind of guy we don’t really need to see anymore. If he was on Saved by the Bell, he definitely would have been on the ridiculous Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Quite frankly, we don’t need this guy around.

For the past couple years, Miller has walked the line between troubled and sympathetic to disturbed and deranged, as well as just being an asshole. He’s had problems with the law and problems with sanity. Aside from all that, his in-cage performances have been terrible to say the least.

Michael Bisping humiliated Miller in their matchup and CB Dollaway handled him easily as well. I have no idea how he has wins over Tim Kennedy and Robbie Lawler on his record, but Miller is definitely not capable of that anymore.

We already know if Miller comes back, it won’t be in the UFC, so we still have that glimmer hope. Maybe he’ll be fighting in some nightclub and it won’t be publicized. That way I can avoid this guy forever.


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