Is Jon Jones a dirty fighter? One legend say YES!!!

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

Jon-Jones-eyepokeUFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones is the reigning king in his division and in the pound for pound rankings. His most recent win over Glover Teixeira was his record seventh title defense in a row. But following the win at UFC 172, many critics were talking as much about Jones’ penchant for eye pokes as they were about his dominance.

One MMA legend, former UFC heavyweight champ Bas Rutten is one of them. According to Rutten, Jones’ repeated infractions are uncalled for. “El Guapo” calls Jones “dirty” and claims he knows exactly what he’s doing when the hands go into the face of his opponent.

“He’s a very calm, relaxed, methodical fighter, and because he is that, I have to say – I’m sorry I have to say – yes, that is a dirty fighter,” Rutten said on AXS TV’s Inside MMA. “But he knows exactly what he’s doing at any given time, and his fingers were definitely in [Teixeira’s] face – and for a long time. He was constantly rubbing them in his face. So yeah, I have to say yes.”

Whether or not the face touching is deliberate or not, it’s hard to say. But one thing is for sure…if you watch his fights closely, Jones certainly uses the hand-to-the-face method quite often. He uses it to gauge range, but the hand is almost always open and rubbing in the face of his opponent.

Obviously Dana White disagrees. White recently dismissed jabs at Jones as a dirty fighter as though they were way off base. “They’re making it sound like he was targeting his eyes and sticking his fingers in his eyes the entire fight and nobody did anything about it,” White protested. “He did it twice, he was warned, and he never did it again in a five-round fight.”

So what does everyone think? Is Jones a dirty fighter?


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