Jenna Jameson fires a cheap shot at Tito’s win, calls him a cheater

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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titojennaThe Jenna Jameson/Tito Ortiz feud might have just gotten kickstarted again. The porn star who must be such a terrible person that she lost legal custody of her children in favor of Tito Ortiz didn’t like Bellator 120 at all. She took a shot on Twitter (which was removed fairly quickly), calling her ex a cheater.

@JennaJameson: Sometimes it’s easiest to win when you’re twice the size… #maybefightrampage #actuallyteachinghissonscheatingisok

Of course she’s probably the only person who could take a perfectly good cheap shot opportunity and turn it into an assessment of Ortiz’s parenting skills, but whatev. I wonder if the phrase #actuallyteachinghissonscheatingisokis trending right now. It has such a smooth ring to it. More likely, the line #inadomesticbattlebetween2unlikeablepeoplewhodoyoucheerfor has a lot more potential.

Seriously though, Jameson has a point. Tito’s head outweighed Shlemenko by 10 pounds.


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