Nate (not Nick) Diaz challenges Matt Brown: “my brother is retired…fight me”

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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Nate-Diaz-UFC-118There’s been a lot of speculation and fantasy booking since crowd-pleaser Matt Brown earned a spectacular victory over Erick Silva last weekend. Who’s next for Brown? Hector Lombard? Nick Diaz? Well, Diaz might be the correct answer, but not that one. Nick’s younger brother, Nate reached out to MMA Fighting and said give me Matt Brown.

Nate, who’s no stranger to welterweight, said “I want the Matt Brown fight. That’s what I’m looking for. I’m trying to fight the baddest motherfuckers out there. I’m not trying to fight some lame ass fighter that they’re trying to build off of me. My brother is retired. So if this guy wants to fight a Diaz, he’s got to fight me.”

As great as a fight between Brown and Nick would be, it looks like it’s a non issue, and the ‘retirement’ angle he’s playing is getting longer and longer. Maybe it’s for real—until he gets the fight he wants of course.

Diaz is coming off a big knockout of Gray Maynard in his last bout, but hasn’t fought at 170 since dropping back to back decisions to Dong-Hyun Kim and Rory MacDonald in 2011. Brown on the other hand has won 7 straight in the division. Although Nate is normally recognized as a better fighter at lightweight, he would still be Brown’s (arguably) highest profile opponent to date. And he badly needs a high profile win to get into the title picture.

It’s unclear how serious this challenge should be taken, but Brown didn’t immediately dismiss it, saying he’d have to talk with his manager.

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