Terrible Call-Out Alert…Rampage couldn’t have challenged 2 more irrelevant guys

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

rampage wants youWhat the hell is wrong with Rampage Jackson? I think he has brain damage. In a post-fight interview with MMA Mayhem, Rampage was asked a fairly simple question: who do you want to fight next? He could have said just about anybody and we wouldn’t have been shocked. He has plenty of options–both possible (King Mo, Tito Ortiz, Emanuel Newton) and otherwise (Dana White, Wanderlei Silva…hell, be creative). And still he managed to make me rewind the audio and make sure I heard correctly.

Apparently, when given the forum to challenge ANYONE in the world, Rampage use it to call out two of the most irrelevant guys I can think of—washed up boxer James Toney and former TUF contestant Darrill “Titties” Schoonover. WHATTT??

Toney already got his ass humiliated by Randy Couture when Toney thought he could beat a mixed martial artist. That was in 2010, Rampage. Now you want that guy? Doesn’t even make sense. As for Schoonover, he’s barely a blip on the MMA radar.

The Schoonover call-out really spotlights how twisted Jackson must be. All my memories of the childish quarrel these guys had shine a terrible light on Rampage. Imagine the soft-spoken up and coming heavyweight looking for a big break on the reality series, only to have to deal with his idol—Jackson—bullying him like a 4th grader because of his physique.

He didn’t ask for any of it to my recollection. Jackson just treated him like garbage. It was a sad thing actually. The fact that Jackson has no self awareness to realize he was a goddamn bully makes his latest callout even more inexcusable. And oh by the way, Schoonover has won 3 of his 9 fights since leaving the TUF house.

I can’t even imagine two more ridiculous callouts. Nice job Rampage. Maybe he can fight Bellator’s middleweight champ next. Oh wait, someone already did that.


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