New (interim) champ Will Brooks goes on anti-Bellator tweeting spree

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

Will-Brooks-hsBellator is turning to a riot zone and the inmates are getting restless. Brand new interim champion Will Brooks is now taking shots at the company just days after winning the biggest fight of his career and grabbing the (kinda) championship belt.

Brooks went on a multi-Twitter binge yesterday voicing his displeasure with Bjorn Rebney’s assertion that Eddie Alvarez could fight Michael Chandler next—instead of Brooks. He also accused the company of taking advantage of its fighters, and also some critics who thought the decision was sketchy.

The following morning, Brooks eased back on the throttle a little bit and played the “Bellator has always been great to me” card. either way, he’s not the only one to fire off some shots at Bellator. We just saw King Mo call his own boss a “Rampage dick rider” on live cable TV. Honestly, that’s funny as hell.


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