Nick Diaz comments on Shogun getting robbed at gunpoint — “I won’t go to Brazil!”

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

Nick DiazYou probably heard that Mauricio “Shogun” Rua came out last week and discussed how he was car jacked in Brazil recently. Four men armed with weapons robbed Shogun and even swiped his clothes. Ultimately, Rua and his car-mate had to walk over two miles in a dangerous area of Brazil to the nearest police station. Whenever something like this happens, it’s important to get Nick Diaz’s opinion don’t you think?

PopCandies TV did just that. Here’s what a slurred Diaz had to say:

“That’s fucked up. Hey, that’s in Brazil though. If we were here, you’d probably have to shoot me (laughs). Oh, you gonna kill me…’Take you clothes off bitch!’ I’m like, ‘you better slap me till I cry’ or something.” He then starts talking about a scene in a movie where “they” slap some dude until he starts crying. He eventually got back to the topic at hand.

“I figure, this is the kind of scenario he was in. So I’m like ‘hey you might as well shoot me,’ or you better start slapping me until I feel like taking my fucking clothes off.”

Nick is obviously walking the line between trying to joke around and trying to be serious—which is funny all by itself—and he’s obviously had a few drinks. He again got serious when he showed sympathy for Shogun’s situation.

“I’m not hating. It’s fucked up. He’s on some real shit. They put a gun to your forehead and they rob you. They’ll rob you.”

Although Stockton isn’t normally thought of as an upscale area, he’s happy to stay there, as opposed to Brazil. “I won’t go to Mexico. I won’t go to Brazil. I hear too much stories.”

It’s always good to hear the thoughts of Nick Diaz isn’t it?


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