Dana Squashes Nate Diaz/Matt Brown; but still trying to get Nick back in the Cage

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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NateR5Yesterday we reported that a Diaz was interested in a Matt Brown fight. But it was the wrong Diaz. Nate—not Nick—came out and boldly stated he wanted to be Brown’s next opponent, despite not having fought at welterweight in almost three years.

Most everyone thought that challenge was odd, albeit still vaguely interesting considering Brown’s list of victims doesn’t even feature anyone with Nate’s name value, let alone Nick’s. Well, fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up to see this fight, cuz Dana white says it ain’t gonna happen.

“That fight doesn’t make sense,” White said on UFC Tonight. “He’s fighting at 55. He’s lost two of his last three fights, and Brown is on this unbelievable roll. Brown is a welterweight and has been fighting there for a long time, and is deserved a top contender.”

Paired with the recent announcement that Hector Lombard would be fighting Dong Hyun Kim—and not Brown—in August, we’re still left wondering who’s next for “The Immortal.” White, who hasn’t hidden his desire to get Nate’s brother Nick back into the fold, teased fans yet again. “Listen, if Nick Diaz wants to come out and fight Brown, I’ll do that fight.”

I think Dana is spending more effort trying to get Nick Diaz back in the mix than he is getting GSP and Anderson Silva back.


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