Dan Henderson pulling out ALL his dirty tricks to defeat Cormier — like sending Popeye’s Chicken to his room

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

popeyesDan Henderson is quite the prankster. In preparation for this weekend’s light heavyweight bout with former heavyweight Daniel Cormier, Hendo tried to get DC to go on an eating binge before steeping on the scales. Cormier’s love for Popeye’s Chicken was put to the test when Henderson sent a giant bucket of the stuff to Cormier’s workout room.

Here’s the full account from Cormier’s training partner, Luke Rockhold.

“It was funny. I went to go check out the guys. On my way to see DC, I saw Dan last night in the workout rooms. Dan’s coming back and they dropped [Cormier] off a bunch of chicken…Popeye’s…It was the best idea I’ve ever heard of. So it was like in the locker room, DC’s smelling it, people keep opening the door. We had a whole team in there; a couple people keep sneaking a couple of bites. The smell permeates the room. DC’s eyes just light up like golf balls.”

DC didn’t bite however. As much as he probably wanted to motorboat the shit out of that chicken, he refused, deeming Henderson’s attempt at sabotage ineffective. Leave it to an old pro to reach WAY into his bag of tricks just a couple days before a big fight. As for Cormier, he’ll have to wait at least Saturday night to chow down on the fast food goodness.


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