UFC 173 Biggest Losers: The ‘It’s time for Rich Franklin’ Edition

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, Commentary/Opinion

biggest-loser-logoAs always, when you have a tremendously exciting card, you have your winners and you have your losers. We had some fun yesterday with the Biggest Winners, but now it’s time to get somber. We have to talk about the guys who lost the most during UFC 173. In some cases, they weren’t even on the card. In other cases, well,  you can probably guess why they’re on here.

Jake Ellenberger. As a self-proclaimed Ellenberger fan, it hurts me to include him here. But “the Juggernaut” got steamrolled by a guy who quite simply better…by a longshot. As a guy with that wrestler with big power label, Jake was seen as a legit contender with a high ceiling. But aside from getting destroyed by Lawler, he looked lethargic against MacDonald in his previous bout, and not all that good against Jay Hieron either. He’s still got the tools, but he needs to regroup soon.

All Other Welterweights. Anyone who thought, “oh sweet, GSP is gone, that really opens up the division” was dead wrong. With Hendricks coming back soon, Robbie Lawler just sent a resounding message to everyone that he’s the real deal. Guys like Matt Brown and Tyron Woodley are on rolls of their own; but I have a distinct feeling we’re seeing something beastly with Lawler’s game right now. Sorry fellas, there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s “ruthless” as fuck.

Dan Henderson. I think it’s time for Hendo to mosey down yonder and ride into the sunset (why I chose to use old west jargon, I have no clue). His only other option is to close out his historic career fighting in showcase fights against guys like Cung Le, Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva. Daniel Cormier treated the legend like a dad toying with his son (okay, a really fucking mean father who hated his son) out in the backyard. No one wants to see Hendo like that.

Urijah Faber. Huh? Didn’t we include him in the Biggest Winners column too? Yep. But here’s why he’s in both. This guy has been the alpha dog at Alpha Male for years. He’s also spent those years desperately chasing down the UFC title, to no avail. Now, one of his protégés caught lightning in a bottle and did what Faber has been unable to do for what seems like forever, while “The California Kid” is preparing to face a guy named Alex Caceres. If Urijah’s not feeling at least a little bitter today, he’s not human.


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