Bigfoot wants Barnett when he returns; Barnett sends lame repsonse thru manager

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

BigfootVIGAntonio Silva is already planning his return to the octagon when his 9 month suspension expires. After fighting Mark Hunt in one of the most memorable fights of the year—maybe ever—Bigfoot’s manager says he’s hoping to fight fellow veteran Josh Barnett next.

Barnett is coming off a KO loss to Travis Browne. Likewise Silva finds himself on the wrong end of a winless streak, having lost to champion Cain Velasquez and then having a majority against Hunt overturned to a No Contest. The fight makes plenty of sense to me.

Barnett’s manager spoke about the challenge and in true “War Master” fashion, he’s unable to speak normally without building into some kind of wrestling promo.

“Josh sees no professional reason to fight Bigfoot,” his manager Leland Lebarre responded. “We don’t have any issues with him, so if [Silva] really wants to do this, he really needs to think about it first. Because we won’t take something like this lightly.”

Ugh. Why can’t this guy just move from the 80s pro wrestling scene? Since when do you have to have “issues” with someone just to fight them? Barnett has been fighting since the turn of the century and still hasn’t figured it out I guess. Of course, he’s been busy calling out the fragile Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, apparently looking for a less formidable challenger.

Whatever Barnett thinks, this is a legitimate and compelling matchup. Let’s hope it gets done in spite of Barnett’s crazy talk.

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