Sonnen RIPS Wanderlei: “He literally RAN” from Drug Test

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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SOnnenVIG1In the midst of one of the biggest stories of the year so far, Chael Sonnen appeared on UFC Tonight to set the record straight on the events leading up to Wanderlei Silva being pulled from UFC 175; and also to bash his longtime rival. He claimed Silva ran from the officials looking to conduct the drug test—literally.

“Wanderlei has operated his entire career under the shadow of suspicion that he was using performance-enhancing drugs,” Sonnen explained. “However, he has never failed a drug test, so we don’t speculate on those types of things. That clean record came to a screeching halt on Saturday night. Not only did he fail his test, he refused to take the test. And as you know, a refusal is equal in the eyes of the commission to a failure.”

“He ran from the test,” he continued. “And I don’t mean that figuratively; I mean they came to his gym and he literally ran. He goes out of sight where they come after him, saying his name. I have not spoke to the athletic commission in Nevada, so here I am, going to speculate that they will revoke his license and perhaps his career with the UFC will be done.”

Sonnen predicted all along that Silva would never fight him, and it most certainly came true. Despite his former status as a fan favorite and legend, it will be VERY difficult for “the Axe Murderer” to avoid being labeled a coward after this story runs its course. I’d be shocked if he was ever allowed to fight in the UFC again.

And for another turn of events, Sonnen spun this unfortunate scenario into ANOTHER possible title fight, claiming his fight with Vitor Belfort will be for the next shot at the winner of Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida. This guy really is a ganster.

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