UFC says Wanderlei Silva no-showed TUF Finale

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

wand51Where was Wanderlei Silva during the TUF Finale? Maybe he wasn’t at the event because he was filming The A-Team. Or maybe that was a different no-show. As we know, Silva is in some hot water for supposedly running out the back door when UFC officials tried to drug test him leading up to his showdown with arch-enemy Chael Sonnen.

The Axe Murderer claims he was taken off the PR schedule of the event, and that’s why he wasn’t there. But the UFC contradicted that claim. Grace Tourinho, UFC Managing Director in Brazil, told the media that Silva’s absence was unexpected. “I was expecting him and he didn’t show up,” Tourinho said.

This isn’t the first ‘misunderstanding’ in this series of events. Wanderlei acted confused over being pulled from the Sonnen fight, claiming he had no idea why he couldn’t fight. He said he didn’t run away, as the UFC (and Sonnen) described. He said he was simply running late for Barao’s fight.

Whatever the real story is, Silva’s reputation is taking a huge hit. So has his career. Much maligned Vitor Belfort has been announced as the replacement for Silva and as far as we know, Wand has been erased from the fight completely.


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