Jon Jones continues to look like an idiot on social media

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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jonestieJon Jones could be the dumbest guy I know. Just yesterday I wrote that Dana White claimed Jones was ducking Alexander Gustafsson. My thought was to reserve judgment until we heard from Jones—after all, this wouldn’t be the first time White has massaged the facts to lure a fighter into signing a deal or a fight. Well, it looks like Jones just shit the bed again on social media.

“Bones” posted an Instagram video for a few moments before deleting it. Fortunately, the number of people who despise Jones is so high that one of them was quick enough to capture the video for us. In it, he ridicules fans for calling him a coward for asking for Daniel Cormier instead of Gus. He also looks baked as shit, but maybe he just woke up.

“Asking for an undefeated Olympic wrestler, Strikeforce champion makes me somehow a coward? How about the fact that I beat Gustaffson already? Whether you guys like how close it was or not. It’s my career. Not yours.”

Jones asked a question at the very beginning of the video. Let me address it. Wasn’t it Jones who said just a few short months ago that Cormier was NOT a worthy contender? Didn’t he just say that he’s tired of Cormier (and other LHWs) fight against “cans?” Didn’t he just say that Cormier had to fight against someone “legit?” And NOW he’s all over the DC fight? Hmm, interesting. In case you don’t remember, here’s what he said about potentially fighting Cormier.

“I have no interest in fighting you right now, only because of the fact that you really haven’t fought anyone that I consider a top level fighter. I’m kind of sick of seeing UFC light heavyweights fight against kind of like ‘cans’ until they get a title shot. I really want to see a top contender fight a top contender and I think you need to fight someone a little bit more well-known than Patrick Cummins. Fight against Rashad, fight against somebody legit, man. Then I think it would be a little more appropriate to give you that title shot.”

Daniel Cormier has been “undefeated” an “Olympic wrestler” and a “Strikeforce champion” for his entire UFC career. Yet you went out of your way to tell us all how unworthy DC is of stepping intot he same cage as you–just a couple months ago! You see why we think you’re a moron, right?

Hey Jones, stay the fuck off social media…it’s making you look like a dick. Actually, YOU’RE making you look like a dick (“it’s my career, not yours” comments tend to paint an unflattering picture), but I’m sure you’ll blame someone else for this video anyway. Just fight Gustafsson and people won’t call you a pussy and a coward. Easy enough?


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