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JoshBarnettEstherLinAOL_crop_exactI don’t care if the big guy isn’t in the UFC (yet) but I think Barnett is an entertaining dude (and one helluva fighter). And as par for the course, the War Master decided to chime in on his twitter to tell his over 40,000 followers what he considers a “fight.” This is what he said:

Josh Barnett ‏@JoshLBarnett
Just overheard, “How many fights did you have today?”. The answer is none. You’ve had zero fights today. Doing BJJ is NOT a fight. (more…)


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a big time BJ Penn fan for a long time and I know I’m biased, but based on what I’m reading and seeing, I really think he’s going to revert back to his old form against McDonald and shock some people. And ironically, it was a tweet from McDonald that motivated Penn to take his training to another level. As the article states, Penn has brought back his strength and conditioning coach that he used for his fights against Sherk, Stevenson and Pulver. (more…)

Like a moth to a flame eh? It seems like you can’t go anywhere without running into yet another 80’s action star “training” one of today’s top MMA fighters. The latest example, Blood Sport icon Jean-Claude Van Damme and current Welterweight Kingpin GSP. I guess to hang with these two you have to have some kind of cool acronym for a name. Anyway, JCVD recently posted a video of him and GSP “training.” (more…)

They say that pro wrestling and MMA have a lot of cross-over appeal. And if you consider my fascination with WWF/AWA wrestlers from the 1980’s as a catalyst for my MMA obsession, you may have a point. And one of my all-time favorites from that era was none other than “Rowdy Roddy Piper,” the kilt-wearing, bag-pipe playing bad-ass from the WWF. So you can bet your bottom dollar that when I saw that one of my favorite wrestlers had an article posted by, I just had to read it.

As it turns out, Rowdy is a big fan of MMA, and even has a son that trains out at (more…)

Being in Minneapolis has its perks—the restaurant scene, the outdoor activities, and even the weather (three out of four seasons). But there are also some drawbacks. For one, many rock bands come through town at strange times of the week—have you ever seen a Metallica concert on a Wednesday morning? The other downfall is that the UFC doesn’t come around ere much. Well, they’re here now, and I’m happy to have this week of UFC festivities.

I headed over to open workouts yesterday for UFC on FX. Workouts were held just outside Minneapolis with several of the key figures appearing. Taking part (more…)

Oh, the things I sacrifice for all of you! Being the devoted blogger that I am, I decided to stay at home on a Friday night to not only watch the inaugural TUF 16 show, but to recap it as well. So without further adieu, my TUF 16 recap.

As with most TUF seasons, the first episode was devoted to “play-in” fights. And like most seasons, you had your fair share of exciting TKOs, slick submissions and boring ass fights. So who impressed the most? Here’s Dana’s list of guys he’s keeping his eye on:


Tim Sylvia is a lot of things. He’s big (6’8″ according to his wikipedia page), he’s the former UFC Heavyweight Champ and he’s just coming off a NC against long-time nemesis and another former UFC Heavyweight Champ Andrei Arlovski. All in all, Tim Sylvia is a true vet of MMA (39 pro fights) and according to his former coach Pat Miletich, he’s done a lot with his natural skills.

I’ll tell you what, of all guys on the planet who were not physically gifted by God…that guy was great. When Tim was training with us, when he moved out from Maine, I would watch him try to jump rope, and he’d literally almost break down in tears because he couldn’t do it. (more…)

Yep, you read that right. And no, don’t look for Florian or Evans to be making an appearance at your local MMA gym, rather they’ll be putting on a show called UFC 101 “The Fundamentals,” that’ll debut on Monday at 11:30 EST on FX.

Here’s an excerpt from MMAJunkie describing the show:

Dubbed a “crash course in MMA,” the show focuses on the basic fundamentals of the sport, beginning with an explanation of the various weight classes used in the UFC and how the fighting styles of each division vary from each other. The program then goes on to demonstrate many basic martial arts techniques used in MMA and explains how different fighters will incorporate different strategies in order to keep the fight in their preferred realm of combat. (more…)

We here at VigilanteMMA are HUGE TUF fans…not only because we love MMA, but because thanks to TUF, we’ve had the great fortune to interview and befriend two of our favorite fighters and overall nice guys, Nam Phan and Ryan McGillivray. And although we don’t have a series regular this year, there are some notable fighters that you should all take note of.

Here’s the complete list: (more…)

Interim UFC Welterweight Champ isn’t resting on his laurels. And that’s probably a good thing, as it was just announced today that GSP has been medically cleared to resume his MMA career. But getting back to Condit, thanks to MMAWeekly, we now can share a video of Condit’s complete strength and conditioning workout with you.