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emmanuelmileyfi320 years? I remember the fat dude from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” getting his tooth knocked out and Art Jimmerson mysteriously tapping for no reason like it was yesterday. Now, almost able to drink, the UFC has finally dropped those awkward teen years like a big steaming Emmanuel Yarborough dump. Speaking of an Emmanuel Yarborough pile of crap, here are our picks and predictions for the big anniversary show (more…)


UFC166UFC 166 might have a card as deep as any we’ve seen all year. Even the prelims are stacked with interesting–and hopefully exciting–fights. A hundred years from now, UFC 166 will go down as perhaps one of the three most awesome things ever to happen to the city of Houston. It will be right up there with the founding of Enron and the arrival of Ralph Sampson. Now let’s (more…)

UFC-165-FBTwo belts on the line in one show? Man that hasn’t happened in a year. Sure, one of them is technically an “interim” belt, but if I’m right, that won’t be the case by the end of the night. Go ahead and sit back and enjoy the following scientific thoughts UFC 165 because once you read it, you’ll have more than enough knowledge to become the Heisenberg of the sports bar. Science bitch! By the way, doesn’t Gustafsson look way tougher with a beard?

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson (more…)

showtimekickUFC 164 might be the rare event where an injury to the main event actually made the PPV more appealing. Apologies to TJ Grant, but let’s face it, a Henderson/Pettis rematch for the title is pretty hard to beat. We’ll see replays of that Showtime Kick about 2,000 times in the next 24 hours. About the same number of times Dana White will say FUCK, and then blame it on Steve Mazzagatti. What do you think of my picks?

Benson Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis (more…)

crystal-ballIf you’re looking for regular predictions on every fight, you’ve come to the wrong place. This article is MUCH better than that. I’m giving you a look into my brain. These are the fearless premonitions of a dangerous mind–dangerous in a good way. You’ll look really smart in front of your stupid friends if you start talking about these rock-solid predictions.


  • If Travis Browne is defeated by Alistair Overeem in the co-main (more…)

UFC-163-posterWell since Nicole obviously cheated to beat me in her first attempt at predictions at UFC on FOX 8, I’ll have to step up my game this weekend. Does it bother me that there are at least 2 guys on the main card of UFC 163 that don’t even have Wikipedia pages? Yes it does. Will that stop me from pretending I know everything there is to know about them? Of course not. In fact did you know that Jose Tome once appeared on an episode Duck Dynasty?

Jose Aldo vs. Chan Sung Jung

Steve: With all this talk about a Zombie apocalypse, I wonder if Aldo (more…)

UFC-155-posterI’m pretty excited about UFC 155. Not only does is headline a heavyweight title fight—and we all know there’s something special about the big guys—but it also hosts a pretty good sampling of exciting fights and fighters, sure to entertain us right before our New Years Eve drunk fest. We stopped doing predictions a while back (frankly, no one reads them. Everyone’s too busy reading articles with the terms Steven Seagal & dumbass; Ronda Rousey & nude; and War Machine & horny), but I’ll do something a little different for this one.

Here is my idea of a preview article without doing anything boring like breaking down techniques or picking winners in every fight. Instead, let me toss out my own ideas of (more…)

Before the man they call GSP started his undefeated welterweight reign in late 2007, against Matt Hughes of all people, the man GSP defeated was widely and easily considered the best UFC welterweight of all time. And although GSP and Hughes have had their battles, it looks like the recently retired Hughes favors his former foe in a potential super fight between him and Anderson Silva.

Hughes recently made an appearance on, and had some interesting things to say about the potential super fight: (more…)

Too bad that “kid” is a freaking Man-Child. In a perfect example of why I typically disregard fighter’s critiques of one another (always a fight camp/friend bias) Chael Sonnen came out supporting his fellow Team Quest fighter Dan Henderson. And why is Sonnen so confident in the “man?” Here’s his take via a post by MMAMania: (more…)

Look, anybody can give you their picks and predictions for a UFC event. But really, who cares? Think about it…have you EVER read one of those long-winded “I’m an expert and I’m gonna break down every fight” articles? Probably not. Plus they take a lot of time to prepare and we usually get about 9 pageviews–and most of those are me looking at my picks from my iPhone, wondering why the hell did I pick Dan Hardy over GSP? So rather than promote that kind of garbage, we’re (more…)