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ultimate_warrior_2Did everyone get a load of Jodie Foster’s crazy, confusing speech at the Golden Globes last night? Well, that might not have even been the most insane speech of the weekend. With that, let me say a few words about Josh Barnett. The guy who had over a decade to decide what his new nickname would be (after he stopped being a babyface) and decided on War Master. He had a few ore head scratchers following his easy win over Nandor Guelmino Saturday night.

His pro-wrestling-heavy speeches continue to drift away from entertaining and into the land of bizarre with every interview. Dare I (more…)


cashJesus, this is nucking futs. Did you get a load of the odds for this weekend’s Strikeforce event? Put it this way, you’ve got a better chance of beating Daniel Cormier than the guy he’s actually fighting—whose name no one knows. I guess if you’re looking to rake in on some major long shots, Strikeforce is the place to do it.

The aforementioned Cormier will sashay into the cage Saturday night a massive -1700 favorite over Dion Staring. That gives him about a 95% (more…)

hi-res-109465538_crop_exactLove ’em or hate ’em, Michael Bisping makes my job as an MMA blogger very easy. The always good for a sound-byte Brit made an appearance on MMA Uncensored Live, and had this to say about the recently dissolved Strikeforce Middleweight title fight between champ Luke Rockhold and challenger Lorenz Larkin:

“Luke Rockhold? By all accounts he and Lorenz Larkin should fight and the winner of that fight — if not both of them — go over to the UFC. Are they gonna come over and be number one contenders? I don’t think so. You’re in Strikeforce, come over to the UFC and earn your place. Let me put it like this: I’ve sparred with Luke Rockhold recently and let’s just say I’m the unofficial Strikeforce champion. Sorry Luke, but these are the facts.” (more…)

Sure there’s been some “pretenders” in the past 4 to 5 years since Gina Carano was the undisputed “face of WMMA” but no one has taken the bull by the horns (or should I say “by the arm”) as much as Ronda Rousey has within the past year and a half. The former judo Olympian has not only walked through the competition in winning the Strikeforce belt, she’s also sold numerous magazines (e.g. see ESPN “body issue”) and increased MMA website clicks (like ours) at a level that has been unprecedented. So it’s no wonder that Dana White chose Ronda as the de facto #1 superstar to lead the WMMA revolution (more…)

With Frank Mir out of his scheduled November Strikeforce bout with Daniel Cormier, the last thing fans want to see is another good fight go down the tubes. The only way to avoid that is by replacing Mir with an opponent of equal caliber. I think we found a good one—Fabricio Werdum. Werdum is no stranger to Strikeforce of course and he just came out and said he’d do it if offered the fight.

In a recent chat with MMA Interviews Werdum was willing to take the fight if his manager said it was cool. “I talk to my coach Rafael Cordeiro first. I don’t know. (more…)

Whoa nelly! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equal rights and equality, but Rousey vs. Cyborg as the biggest fight of all time? Well, if you believe current Strikeforce champ Ronda Rousey, it will be. Here’s her talking about the potential of a super fight with Cyborg on the MMAHour:

“I think if it was done right and it was done correctly, you could have people watching that fight that have never seen a single MMA fight before. Lots of them. I think it could be the biggest MMA fight of all-time,” said Rousey.

“I’m serious. Think about it. Every MMA fan will watch, and a whole bunch of other people that aren’t even the least bit interested in MMA would watch. That’s the kind of demographic that fight could reach to that none of the men can right now.” (more…)

For all the “red-headed step-child” type metaphors about Strikeforce, they typically don’t let me down on fight night. Their events are almost always exciting with some great fights and fast-paced action. Why is that? Whatever the reason, it should be noted that the UFC’s forgotten little brother keeps putting on good shows. Here are just a few of the notable events that took place Saturday night on Showtime.

Jacare’s hands. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza wanted to talk about his hands after Saturday night’s impressive knockout of Derek Brunson. In fact, (more…)

Strikeforce has announced that Gilbert Melendez and Pat Healy will compete at Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy in Sacramento September 29. Also scheduled on the event is Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier. No opponent has been named for Cormier yet.

“There’s no doubt that Gilbert Melendez is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, but he’s facing a tough test when he defends the STRIKEFORCE lightweight title against Pat Healy in Sacramento,” STRIKEFORCE CEO Scott Coker said. “Pat has (more…)

During this past Saturday’s broadcast of Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy, it was announced that Heavyweight Grand Prix Champ Daniel Cormier will have his encore fight with Strikeforce on September 29th. And while that’s big news, the bigger story was that an opponent has yet to be named. Interesting. So after the announcement I went running to to see a list of potential candidates. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on “Strikeforce Heavyweights” only to see pictures of Cormier and Josh Barnett. Yep, the same Josh Barnett that DC just smashed in the Grand Prix finale this past spring. Sadly, there’s already a rumor circulating of a re-match. (more…)

It’s been about a year and a half since Nate “The Great” Marquardt stepped into a cage to fight someone. And apparently in that time, Marquardt has been practicing his “kicking ass” skills because that’s exactly what he did last Saturday night against former undefeated fighter Tyron Woodley.

In the 4th round of their welterweight title fight, Marquardt got Woodley up against the cage and unleashed 2 nasty elbows that stunned Woodley, and then threw a perfect uppercut to finish the job. Check out a GIF of the finish here, courtesy of (more…)