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Do you have an idea for an article on our site?  Are you a fighter and you want us to publish a feature on you?  Do you just want to say hi?  Whatever the reason, we want to hear from you.  We don’t trust our fans and followers nearly enough to give out our phone numbers and home addresses (let’s face it, most of you are in prison), but go ahead and send us an email and we will get back to you right away.  No automated e-mail replies.  That’s right.  Even though we are major celebrities with TMZ cameras following us everywhere we go, you will hear back from the
real VigilanteMMA guys.

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  1. i would like to talk with you about linking on one anothers sites, i am one of the sponsers that Cat Zinango mentioned in shout outs we are a brand new company looking to get are splash on in the industry. thanks for the time Donnie BingBing Bell

  2. vigilantemma says:

    Sure Donnie. Thanks for reaching out. Send me an email at and we can chat.


  3. Eric says:

    Hey guys,

    Added you to our M-1 Global press release list!

  4. Farhan says:

    Dear Sir, We are manufacturer and exporter of MMA Fight Gear MMA Fight Apparel.

    We make our products in best quality and supply at competitive prices.

    We manufacture custom designs with customized printing / sublimation /embroidered logos/artwork.

    Our product list is given as, MMA/Grappling Gear:

    1- MMA Shorts

    2- MMA/Grappling Gloves

    3- Rash Guards

    4- Hoodies

    5- T-Shirts

    6- Vale Tudo Short

    7- Mesh Short


    1- Gloves (all types)

    2- Trunks

    3- Handwraps

    4- Punching Bags

    Martial Arts :

    1- Brazilian Jujitsu

    2- Karate

    3- Judo

    Thanking You In Anticipation & Waiting For Yours Soonest & Favorable Response.

    Sincerely yours,Farhan

  5. Brian Ebersole says:

    Dave r u going 2 be at the fights tonight?
    Email me if u r

  6. whats up in golden gloves in ill. people are fixing the out come of the fights . case in point fighters are being eleminated by some B.S. rulings i think so others can win .cc

  7. kelly scott mullins says:

    i would really like to see about you or jcvd training me. ive bin pushed around my whole life. i have grew up with only a single mom and no real oldest brother witch i only have one is 3 years older than me beat the shit out of me as a sport and fun in front of his friends to prove he was a bad ass when i was growing up as well. i went to my mom for help she told me to stop being a pussy and to just leave her alone she was a drunk when she wasn’t working left me to defend myself but spoiled my older brother to death and left me to hang to not care of. she always married bullies as step dads as well. they pushed me around as well until i just fought back and then wound up getting my ass kicked again and again as usual. i don’t have a lot of money im not in shape im 6 foot 1 and way 257 pounds. i want and need to turn my life around into fitness and how to defend myself as well. please help me contact me by phone or email at 423-388-5708 or at please im begging you. my name is Scott mullins first names Kelly. but i probably wont hear back from you but it was worth the try right but if so i need your help please train me ill do what ever it takes thanks.

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