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jonestieJon Jones could be the dumbest guy I know. Just yesterday I wrote that Dana White claimed Jones was ducking Alexander Gustafsson. My thought was to reserve judgment until we heard from Jones—after all, this wouldn’t be the first time White has massaged the facts to lure a fighter into signing a deal or a fight. (more…)


cormier1Daniel Cormier is making all kinds of noise inside the cage. He’s fought twice in the UFC’s heavyweight division—against Frank Mir and Roy Nelson—and remains undefeated in his career. Now he’s apparently done at heavyweight and he’s looking to wreak havoc on the light heavyweight division next.

And he’s starting at the top. (more…)

jonesgusdecisionOne of our “other” favorite MMA sites to read—besides our own (because we’re just that arrogant)—is Cage Potato. They always put an entertaining twist on the world of mixed martial arts that goes beyond just reporting the …*YAWN*… news. If you’ve been a fan of ours for a while, chances are you’re also a fan of these guys, because if there’s a site out there whose snark and wit we’d love to match, it’s them. (more…)

jonesbleedingHere’s a little bit of news we learned from UFC’s post-fight that we haven’t even discussed yet. Alexander Gustafsson was nearly crowned the new world champion after the 4th round, says Dana White. The ringside physician was prepared to stop the bout and award a technical knockout victory to Gustafsson due to the severe cut on Jon Jones’ eye.

The cut occurred in the 1st round and (more…)

jonesgusdecisionThis is one of the funny things about combat sports like MMA. Every time there’s a close fight, the judges should just run away and hide because there’s about a 99% chance they are going to get completely TRASHED by 50% of the fans.

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson will go down as easily one of the best (more…)

jonjonesWhat a fight! Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson put on an incredible 5-round show for fans Saturday at UFC 165. The question now is…will there be a rematch? Fans would certainly want to see these two mix it up again following this Fight of the Year candidate.

But will it work out that way? “When you see two guys get busted up like they (more…)

jon-jones-22Dana White might have just officially announced the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson fight we’ve all been predicting. In response to a twitter question about that matchup, White confirmed the plan. “Yup” was his reply. In the social media age of today, that’s good enough for me.

Gustafsson has been considered the unofficial top contender by many fans since he defeated longtime contender and former champ (more…)

gustafsson1Will UFC on Fuel TV 9 have a main event of Ross Pearson vs. Ryan Couture? Good lord, that sounds even worse as I type this. But it seems there’s a very good chance that the schedule headliner could be officially scrapped.

Alexander Gustafsson suffered a facial cut Sunday that supposedly is bad enough to knock him out of his fight with Gegard Mousasi (more…)

Gegard_MousasiCould Gegard Mousasi be getting the royal treatment from the UFC? The former Strikeforce and DREAM light heavyweight champion will be making his UFC debut against the guy most believe is the number one contender for Jon Jones’ title. We don’t’ know for sure if a win would elevate Mousasi into that spot, but it would make sense.

Mousasi is one of those guys who has always been a hit with message board fanatics as one of the fighters “insiders” always wanted to see in the UFC. “He’s the No. 1 contender (more…)

It was a long dry spell for UFC fans, but it was worth the wait. UFC went to Sweden after a six week hiatus and reminded everyone why we missed it in the first place. Honestly, I was so excited just to see a live event again, that I probably would’ve thought Frank Mir vs. Cro Cop in Indianapolis was a 5-star fight after a six week break. So without further ado, here are my picks for the Biggest Winners from UFC on Fuel TV.

Alexander Gustafsson. The hometown hero came away with a huge victory, and firmly established himself as the only guy who can easily (more…)