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SOnnenVIG1In the midst of one of the biggest stories of the year so far, Chael Sonnen appeared on UFC Tonight to set the record straight on the events leading up to Wanderlei Silva being pulled from UFC 175; and also to bash his longtime rival. He claimed Silva ran from the (more…)


wandChael Sonnen was right. In what has seemed like the longest build-up to a grudge match in MMA history, Sonnen called it—Wanderlei Silva would somehow get himself out of the fight. Yesterday that prediction came true. Silva was pulled from the UFC 175 bout due to a couple very troubling issues. (more…)

Sonnen-vs-Wanderlei-PosterIn a statement we’ve NEVER heard before, Dana White is saying the next season of TUF Brazil is gonna be crazy! In case you didn’t catch that; it was sarcasm. White says something about the upcoming season of TUF being amazing EVERY damn season. But we’ll still bite. (more…)

silvasonnenstaredownTUF Brazil 3 has already been getting a lot of buzz because of the coaches, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva. And now, there’s even more to talk about. Sonnen, who has disparaged quite a few Brazilian fighters in his recent past, has invited one of them—Anderson Silva—to be an assistant coach. (more…)

SOnnenVIG1Chael Sonnen just got GLAZED! Apparently the guys running around at the FOX Sports Studios are about as mature as Steve Stiffler. UFC on Fox commentator Jay Glazer decided to pull a “scary” prank on some of the fellas—and he got it all on tape.

Glazer rigged (more…)

SOnnenVIG1Chael Sonnen went on a Lil’ Nog Tweeting spree last night after it was announced that Nogueira had pulled out of his upcoming fight with Alexander Gustafsson just days after it was booked. This is far from the first time he’s had to be removed from a scheduled fight in the UFC. In fact, it’s not even the first Gustafsson fight he’s pulled out of. (more…)

Sonnen-vs-Wanderlei-PosterDana White broke some news last night on live TV. The boss appeared on Fox Sports Live with host Chael Sonnen, who asked White to break some news for him. White agreed. And the news had a direct impact on Sonnen. The next coaches of TUF Brazil will be longtime rivals, Wanderlei Silva and Sonnen.

Sonnen appeared genuinely surprised and even asked if White was serious. “Are (more…)

wand9Over the weekend there was quite a bit of buzz about a near-fight between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. We saw some shaky, grainy footage surface that would make that old video supposedly showing Bigfoot back in the 1970’s look like hi-def.

But if you wanted a better look, fear not. Wand’s run-in with Sonnen was (more…)

SOnnenVIG1To answer Chael Sonnen’s question, yes it was too soon I guess.

UFC’s Sonnen got called to the principal’s office for recent comments he made about Rihanna on Fox Sports Live. Fox Sports had to issue an apology for his comments, which was a joke that went over with a thud for some. Here’s what Sonnen said, in reference to Floyd Mayweather. (more…)

Billy-GrahamIt’s no secret that Chael Sonnen has “borrowed” more than a few great lines from pro wrestling icon “Superstar” Billy Graham. His “too sweet to be sour” speech was almost a word-for-word homage to one of Graham’s 1975 promos in the WWWF (now WWE). Now Sonnen plans to offer up payment for letting him use Graham’s lines from almost 40 years ago.

According to Graham’s Facebook page, he will accompany Sonnen to the cage for his (more…)