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roganIf there’s anyone who can give Dana White a run for his money in the categories of excitability, hype and superlative, it’s commentator Joe Rogan. He has a knack for making every upcoming fight seem like the greatest thing you’ll ever witness in your life. Still, I keep listening to (more…)


Cris-CyborgAnd now the gloves come off. But it’s UFC president Dana White throwing haymakers this time—and they are directed right at Cris “Cyborg” Santos on UFC Tonight. Everyone wants to see Cyborg fight Ronda Rousey. Everyone including White. So to kick start things, he decided to question her manhood (in hindsight, that was a poor choice of words, but I think you know what I mean). He essentially said Cyborg is afraid of Rousey. (more…)

Cris-CyborgThe UFC has done a great terrible job at pretending they don’t care if the Ronda Rousey/Cris Cyborg fight ever happens. They flip-flop nearly every day about its importance. They say they won’t sign Cyborg at 145 pounds and try to act like she’s not that important to the organization. But then they throw this out there, and their nonchalant act goes right out the window.

According to Tatame, Dana White is quoted as saying that Mike Dolce—of the Dolce Diet—is ready, willing and able to make sure (more…)

Cris-CyborgNow we know why the highly anticipate fight between Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg isn’t happening. It’s because Rousey is afraid of Cyborg. At least that’s what Cyborg’s “rep” told TMZ last night, even though we’ve also heard that Cyborg is the one who’s a ‘fraidy cat.

“This is a fight all the fans want and we want to give to them,” the rep told TMZ. “We have offered to fight Ronda at a catch weight of 140lbs. She has turned that offer down and will not budge to make this fight happen.” (more…)

Maybe Cris Cyborg is giving in to pressure after all. After months of speculation and rumors about a huge fight with Ronda Rousey followed by both fighters saying they will never shift to the other’s weight class, maybe we’re getting closer. Most recently we heard rumors that Cyborg and Rousey would likely be fighting at UFC 157. Although those rumors were shot down, some good news did come from it.

Yesterday Cyborg spoke with Brazilian site (more…)