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kingdanaDana White isn’t pleased at all that Jon Jones hasn’t signed the contract to fight Alexander Gustafsson yet. They are tentatively scheduled to fight a rematch sometime this fall. When asked what the delay was in setting a firm date for the fight, White said, “ask Jon (more…)


edgarmaynardDana White called Matt Brown and Erick Silva’s first round one of the best 1st rounds he’s ever seen. Usually, White makes a grandiose statement and then everyone just nods, says “yeah okay Dana,” and goes on living their lives. But in this case we (more…)

DanaVIGMy bullshit detector is ringing loudly right now. Tuesday we reported that Holly Holm’s people had a meeting with the UFC and from the sounds of it, she seemed almost certain to get the deal done. According to her manager (more…)

dana whiteJesus, Dana White hates Alistair Overeem. He’s reamed The Reem multiple times over the years, and now White is really hitting his stride in the Insulting Overeem department. Most recently, he continued his diatribe by suggesting that Overeem is (more…)

gilbert-melendez2Is it just me, or are things getting weird around here? The latest bit of news in a string of recent bizarre stories is that Dana White is telling Gilbert Melendez to get lost. Melendez is arguably the top contender at lightweight and possibly the only thing keeping us from an unnecessary 3rd fight (more…)

dana-white-moneyYou know what most normal people love? They love multimillionaires gloating about how much money they have. Enter UFC president Dana White.

White is a notorious gambler—blackjack specifically (more…)

DanaVIGRight about now, Dana White must be joining that group of people who originally questioned having the Super Bowl in New York in the winter. That’s because there’s a snow storm coming in that could—I said could—actually make the NFL shift the big game from Sunday to Saturday…the same night as (more…)

joshthomsonThe UFC is back in Chicago and Dana White wouldn’t even think of going in the Windy City without chatting with Ray Flores of ESPN Chicago. An interesting topic of discussion was the “weird” behavior of #1 lightweight contender, and main (more…)

brockbeardDespite the ratings success of UFC 168, the UFC is dealing with a bit of a problem right now. Two of their biggest PPV draws and longest reigning champions—Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre—will both be out of action for quite some time. Other champs, Anthony Pettis and Cain (more…)

Dana White foiled an attempted burglary when some tall guy tried to steal his bag at a hotel in Atlanta. Someone captured the heroic efforts by White. You can clearly see him choking the hooligan into submission.