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roganIf there’s anyone who can give Dana White a run for his money in the categories of excitability, hype and superlative, it’s commentator Joe Rogan. He has a knack for making every upcoming fight seem like the greatest thing you’ll ever witness in your life. Still, I keep listening to (more…)


roganIn MMA terms, the addition of the featherweight and bantamweight divisions into the UFC happened eons ago. In actual terms, it was less than 3 years ago. The flyweight division was even more recent in 2012. And if it was up to commentator Joe Rogan, there would be even more weight classes added to the eight current (men’s) divisions today.

Rogan has been a huge fan of the flyweights since their addition to the roster; and (more…)

floydmayweatherUFC analyst Joe Rogan is much more than an announcer. He really knows his stuff. He’s a student of martial arts. He’s also a passionate guy who has never shied away from speaking his mind without thought about who might be offended. This time he probably pissed off Floyd Mayweather and a bunch of boxing fans by making claims about the sport being a very limited martial art.

“Floyd Mayweather would get killed by an average college wrestler. There (more…)

joeroganIf I were to tell you one of the announcers for the UFC was suspended for drug addiction, would there be ANY question it would be Joe Rogan? Well, if you agree, I’m about to blow your mind. Sports gossip site Terez Owens is saying that Mike Goldberg is the one, not Rogan.

As we know, Goldy was pulled at the last minute and replaced by Jon Anik at UFC 155. We also know that mum’s the word. Dana White made only very brief reference about Goldberg’s whereabouts and return. (more…)

roganSince I was able to sit and watch UFC on FOX 5 in the comfort of my own trailer–as opposed to a noisy sports bar–I could hear every second of commentary for once. That means I’m bringing back “One Liners,” one of the most requested features we’ve ever done. Eh, not really. I’ve done it once before and thought it was decent. How’s that for a glowing recommendation? But it shouldn’t hinder your enthusiasm for this edition of ONE LINERS (all caps used for emphasis).

“Swick never answered him!” — Curt Menefee
Menefee was telling a story about why Matt Brown wants to kick (more…)

Ultimate Insider on Fuel TV ran their “Ultimate 8” feature last night. This time, Joe Rogan presented his “Ultimate 8 Quick Finishes” which are supposed Joe’s favorite fast finishes in UFC history. Because we love top 10 lists, let’s take a look. Keep in mind, since this is only a Top 8,  technically, we only like this list about 80% as much as normal top 10s.

8) BJ Penn knocking out Matt Hughes at UFC 123. Total time, 21 (more…)

Joe Rogan discussed being told by a FOX producer to tone it down at a recent UFC event he was broadcasting. And not surprisingly, he didn’t appreciate it. We’ve all seen how excited Rogan can occasionally get while commentating and for the most part, I think fans love it. Rogan has the same feeling.

“I’ve been doing the UFC for how long,” Rogan proclaimed on his radio show. “Fuckin’ who knows? ’97? Very rare does anybody say anything, but once we started going on FOX, the producer actually had to tell me in my ear…the FOX executive’s like ‘tell him to take it down a notch, tell him to take it down a (more…)

In an interview with Fighter’s Only, Rampage Jackson spoke about UFC 144, returning to Japan to face Ryan Bader, and had some especially harsh words for commentator Joe Rogan. When asked about a perfect scenario for his upcoming fight with Bader, Jackson said part of it would involve not doing an interview with “Joe Rogan’s fake ass.” He explained that he’d rather win the fight and “I’m gone, just Audi,” instead of being forced to talk with Rogan, because “most likely he’s been talking crap about you the whole time about how you don’t throw no leg kicks,” Jackson said.

He was even asked how a fight with Rogan would end. Predictably, Jackson (more…)