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Davis-0256Actually, what Davis needs to do is worry about Anthony Johnson. Despite what the rankings say, I’m not convinced Davis can get past “Rumble” Saturday. Then where will he be?”

These were my closing remarks in an article last week. The article was slightly more critical of Phil Davis’s trash talk toward Jon Jones than (more…)


DavisVIGPhil Davis has quite the gas tank when it comes to talking about champion Jon Jones. It seems as though when Davis found out he wasn’t all that close to being the top contender at LHW, he turned up the heat on his trash talk. Now he’s claiming Jones is running from him and others. (more…)

DavisVIGProbably seeing how Chael Sonnen and now both Diaz brothers somehow find a way to get into the heads of champions, LHW contender Phil Davis is pushing hard to do the same. In recent weeks, Davis has challenged Jon Jones in the media and has poked his finger in the champ’s proverbial chest in an effort (more…)

DavisVIGLight heavyweight contender Phil Davis isn’t all that pleased with the layout of the division as it relates to title fights. I’m not sure if he’s “complaining,” or just pointing out the obvious. Either way, Davis is left scratching his head at the landscape of the division and (more…)

rumbleAnthony “Rumble” Johnson must have impressed the UFC over the last six fights outside the organization, because he’s back. Johnson will fight at light heavyweight–not the ridiculous welterweight he was at before–and he’ll be making his return against a fairly big name in (more…)

machidalossPlenty of Lyoto Machida fans are up in arms today about the decision loss he suffered at the hands of Phil Davis Saturday night. I was shocked by the outcome—I actually had The Dragon winning all three rounds for a 30-27 win in my book—but I have to say, this article won’t necessarily be about poor judging in MMA.

I admit it; I still think Machida won the fight. I also admit that it blows (more…)

Phil-DavisWell this isn’t what you’d call good crossover publicity. TMZ is reporting a horrible story about UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis just a day before his UFC 159 fight. TMZ is reporting that the mother of Davis’s child is accusing the contender of some pretty rough stuff—and she’s placing blame on his occupation too.

In the article, TMZ says that Vantris Patterson claims Davis “body (more…)

Sometimes, the UFC books fights that make you say, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” Phil Davis has had two of those announced in the past couple weeks. First it was heavyweight Strikeforce transplant, Chad Griggs. Yesterday it was announced that Griggs was injured and would be replaced by Wagner Prado at UFC on Fox 4. If you aren’t familiar with Prado, click here.

If you’re having trouble with that link, it’s because of one thing. Wagner Prado doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. He does come to the UFC with some pretty solid credentials, so don’t get me wrong. He steps into the octagon with an (more…)